The real gift that we can offer to our youth is the education, but most of the good educational Institutions are located in the cities. There was a feeling in the society that we too must empower our youth so that they can explore different avenues. Our mission is to empower our society.  Founder Team of Yuva Pravartan realised the fact that unless we spread the message of empowerment, any kind of long term development is not possible. The sapling of Yuva Pravartan   was   planted in 2015 and today it is expanding into a tree. An Integrated team in Karnataka and Maharashtra is the not less than any International standard team. Right from professionals and Business owners, we have established teams of volunteers. Team consists of exclusive working professionals in senior role, business people. Our various sections carried out number of activities throughout the year. We would like to highlight some of them to give you the glimpse.   

Yuva Pravartan offers flexible and customized training and consulting to help Digitally aware netizens, adults, youth and organizations further their mission and goals applying the Yuva Pravartan’s Youth Empowerment Model.

Be the Change: Given the opportunity, young people can be a driving force in creating positive change in their communities, their nations, and the world. Youth are highly capable of designing solutions to the challenges they face daily.

We provide that opportunity. Through Yuva Pravartan, young people are encouraged, trained, supported, mentored, challenged, and mobilized to “be the change” they want to see in their communities.