Information Security

Information security, sometimes shortened to InfoSec, is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access. Two major aspects of information security are: IT security; Information assurance.

The research has shown that the most vulnerable point in most information systems is the human. As the world becomes increasingly digital and interconnected; as netizens get mobile and share more of their lives on social media and as organizations grapple with new technologies, new laws & regulations, the associated risks and vulnerabilities associated have exploded.

With experience and expertise in this space a venture that would help address these challenges. And, therefore, was born “avRka” – which means ‘Safe’ in Sanskrit. The protecting influences of the gods and the gods themselves are called “avRka”

We Offer

“avRka” helps manage risks associated with Information. We provide consulting & specialized training services to help in your journey of addressing the challenges.
Information Risk Management: Frameworks & Programs
Information Security
Governance & Compliance
Social Media Awareness & Risk Management
CISO-on-Demand / CIO-on-Demand

Our Focus
Our focus in Risk Assessments, Information Security Management Systems, Social Media Awareness, Data Security, BCP/DR, and Certification Support

avRka works with enterprises in their continual efforts to address the various information risks that they face. Today organisations have to move – and quickly – beyond the stage where they think managing Information Risk is simply focusing on Infosec, and that too merely investing in a good Anti-Virus and a UTM / Firewall device. They need to put Employee Awareness, comprehensive policies, processes, systems AND technology in place. On the other hand, these need to be balanced with their business context, their level of IT maturity, the ecosystem they operate in and their budgets.

avRka understands the challenges. Which is why we have developed a special Information Risk Management program tailored to address the needs of small businesses.

avRka Xpert
avRka Xpert provides training and learning services in all our domains of expertise

We specialise in:
Specially tailored in-house programs for Enterprises
Awareness programs & workshops for Children, Parents, Senior Citizens and Regular ‘digitally-aware’ individuals

Our programs are conducted our practicing consultants who bring hands-on industry experience and knowledge to their sessions in addition to their deep domain skills.