Bastar – Review Team RasaGrahana

Got to watch Awesome film from the makers of #KeralaStory Shri #SudiptoSen ji’s Bastar-The Naxal Story
Based on the real-life incidents of Naxals in Chhattisgarh – The Bastar rebellion broke out in present day Chhattisgarh.

BastarTheNaxalStory is a #MustWatch Action Crime Drama film. The story telling in this film the director is class apart. This film exposes the layered ecosystem of the Leftist Liberals and their stronger bounds with external forces.

The script is well researched with hard facts. We can easily notice the amount of time spent on refining the script. At the same time strengthening each character and their roles with clarity and without any ambiguity. We can see the directors craftsmanship in molding the roles.

The Story telling in Bastar film is seamless & fabulous, revolves around the Bastian of Naxals and the layered ecosystem which nurtures and protect Extreme Leftists. Tells how gruesomely these Naxals suppressed & butchered the local innocent tribals for decades and gave the fake narrative to the rest of the world using their paid media, so called buddhijeevis, academicians, politicians, external forces, foreign Funded NGOs.

not only brings in LIFE to all the characters individually but also entirely to the film itself. This is really tough especially when we consider the true-story. There are many characters to talk about, couple of them stands out. One of them is the “Neeraja Madhaven” deployed personal on duty. This is lead role, played Adah Sharma, she has done justice to that role. Other character “Ratna Indira Tiwari”. Villain character also does justice to his role.
Some of the scenes we get goosebumps. Always keeps the us curious of the next scene. Film is well phased and never we see any dull moments at all.

Cinematography is awesome related to the film. Audio , Music does the good job of keeping the audience interested without deviating from real essence of the story.

A Must Watch true-story film.
Getting released in theaters from 15th March 2024. one should go and watch to know facts about how the Naxal ecosystem works.

Once again I thank Shri Sudipto Sen ji and the Team for giving such a wonderful film to the world.

Gopinath K