Razakar – Review By Team RasaGrahana

Razakar #SilentGenocideofHyderabad

Razakar #TheSilentGenocideofHyderabad #Genocide #lessknowntruth

Got opportuity to witness the movie #Razakar… what a movie. Thanks and hats-off to the producer #GudurNarayanReddy and director #YaataSatyanarayana for picking up such a bold subject. The backdrop starts from who Nizams are and when all the princely states are integral part of India, where as the Nizam of Hyderabad to be an independent entity. During the sametime Kasim Rizvi took the charge of #Razakars a private militia who were responsible for the atrocities and genocide of thousands of people. While Razakars and their atrocities were not known to many , this movie brings the dark side of Indian history and situation in Hyderabad during that time. This movie brings the fact to current generation also anarchy of Razakars. This movie not only brings the history to limelight and also carries the message that , no matter what comes united we can win and there is no one to erase #HinduDHarma. not to forget #SardarPatel #Ironman of India without intervetion this would not have been integral part of India. overall entire Team Razakar has done woderful job, be it direction, cinematography, background score everything is just fantastic. It took some time to come out of the scene and imagining what would have more happened during that time. This movie need far more recognition and be milestone. Thanks again for such bold step. Every #Bharatiya must watch this. #MustWatch.


Shravan Airani


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